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Company Profile

R.M.Consultants situated in the heart of the city. Said firm started initially in the name of R.M.Enterprises in the year 1988. Initially firm was undertaking residential building plans, estimations and supervision. During this period the firm has undertaken technical consultancy with execution of several buildings as mentioned in the list of projects. In the year 1994 the firm has been renamed as R.M.Consultants. After that the firm has undertaken technical consultancy of several projects like apartment buildings, commercial complexes, community halls, underground and overhead water tanks etc. Presently the firm is undertaking technical consultancy services for the IRDP works carried out by MYRADA - an NGO having its field office at H.D.Kote Hand post and also for several independent organisations.

The firm is well equipped with qualified staff to deliver computerised drawings, structural designs for R.C.C. members and execution of civil construction works.

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