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Company Profile

Jayant Oil Mills (owned by Jayant Vegoils & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.) was set up by a family of entrepreneurs led by the late Mr. Mangaldas R. Kapadia in 1952. Until then, Castor was viewed as a wild plant with limited medical properties. It became Jayant's mission to discover a fascinating array of uses for the oil of castor and castor oil based derivatives.

In the mid - sixties, it pioneered the manufacturing of derivatives of Castor Oil by starting a special derivatives unit in Bhandup. Production of derivatives was initially for the domestic markets. The Company moved aggressively into the international market soon after. By early seventies, the Company had achieved leadership in Castor Oil and its derivatives in domestic as well as the international markets.

In 1974, Jayant Oil Mills built a seperate Research & Development unit at Thane (near Mumbai) to conduct research in developing processes and applications for Castor based products.

One of the greatest assets of the Company is its employees. Jayant Oil Mills has a staff strength of over 400 dedicated and committed employees.

The Chairman, Mr Bharat M Kapadia and the Managing Director, Mr. Rajesh M Kapadia, both very committed individuals with a high sense of integrity and business foresight successfully manage and lead the Jayant Oil business along with the dedicated team of professionals.

Jayant Oil Mills is one of the largest integrated facilities for extracting and refining castor seeds and oil and manufacturers of castor oil based derivatives.

The Company has two major manufacturing locations; one near Baroda and the other in Mumbai Bhandup).

The Baroda plant operates the largest volume single location castor seed processing unit in the world. The unparalleled volume throughputs in the operations allow the company to achieve maximum economies of scale.

The Castor Oil derivatives are manufactured in both plants with the advantage of captive supply of Castor Oil from the Baroda Plant.

To fulfil our vision through:

  • Customer Intimacy: Ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction, Understanding customer needs and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Operational Excellence: Constantly raising the bar, Achieving cost-effective solutions, on-time delivery every time and achieving highest product quality.

  • Product Innovation: Look to solving tomorrow's problem today, Challenging conventional approaches and coming up with improved and advanced applications.

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