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A Professional Institute in India which is working towards and developing the concepts of learning Bakery & Confectionery. We started operation in the year 2000 and have successfully designed & conducted training programmes for Domestic requirement, Commercial productivity, Management Skills and Creativity decoration.

We have also conducted some exclusive training's like BAKERY MANAGEMENT COURSE, BREAD WORKSHOP by Mr. Roy Chung of U.S.Wheat Associates, Singapore, FRENCH DESSERTS by Mr. Forai of Ritz Hotel, Paris, SPECIALITY CAKES & also SUGAR CRAFT & PASTILLAGE by Ann White from London.

Our regular training is HOME BAKING COURSE (General and Eggless categories), CAKE, DECORATION and DESSERT, SNACKS and SANDWICHS. Commercial training relates to one-month of ENTERPURNURE BAKERS COURSE and SPECIALIZED CAKE DECORATION COURSE. Entrepreneurs Bakers Course is divided into 4 categories of one-week BAKERS COURSE like Bread, Pastries, Cookies & Creams and Cake.

Along with these training, we have successfully conducted other training program like INSTUTIONAL COURSE for MCC Home Science College, TAILOR MADE COURSE for Spencer group, TMC for International students from South Africa.

We have also provided our space to some companies for either conducting training program for self-requirement or conduct Practical-Commercial related research. Some of the companies in this category are Godrej Pillsbury, Fine organics - Zeelaindia, CALPRO Foods - Carels/Miester Marken, RICH'S Kwality products, BPL Microwave training.

Apart from training the participants, we believe they need more, as after sales service. BTRI has included services like Sourcing of Raw material, Bake ware, Hand tools, Machinery & Equipment. We also have for our participants an Incubator system of manufacturing & marketing branded products.

Our fourth coming features include, Research & Development of premix products, sugar confectionery products, low-calorie, natural, health food, diabetic Baked & Confectionery products.. We also publish a BI-monthly newsletter called "NEWBAKER"

We foresee our growth relates only with you. So we look forward to your support in many different ways like Executive & Staff training's, Formula development, Equipment sizing, Quality control, Trial & Research, New product development, Sponsorship or Scholarship to students and many such area which intern looks at the development of the field of Bakery & confectionery.

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