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Company Profile

FRICK INDIA LIMITED was incorporated as a public limited company in 1962 in collaboration with Frick Company USA, one of the world oldest and largest manufacturers of industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

Frick India is backed with state-of-the art refrigeration technology of U.S.A., which pioneered the development of the first ammonia compressor in early 1880's. Making the best of the combination of American know-how and Indian ingenuity, Frick India has stayed in the front ranking in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Over the years Frick India has diversified and developed into one of the front ranking companies among the world's best. Even though the bulk technology and equipment still remains of American design but serious progress has been made in technology of the developed nation refrigeration industry like Germany, Japan, England, South Africa, Denmark etc.


  • Frick products are designed, engineered and manufactured in state-of-the art factory located at the industrial township of Faridabad, near New Delhi to offer you efficient system specific refrigeration & air-conditioning applications. The factory is spread over 25 acre multi-block complex with a floor area of 19,000 square meter consisting of machine shop, sheet metal shop, coils section, compressor shop, foundry, pattern shop, electric control panel section and an in-house R&D department.

  • We have the in-house facility of hot dip galvanizing plant for all ammonia cooling coils, spray metallurgy plant, welding machine to weld metals like aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cupri-nickel and other various alloys. The facility of in-house foundry ensures the quality of metallurgy used for all our compressors.

  • Having the facility of 9 branch offices in India with over 150 field staff. Frick can install & service all refrigeration systems promptly all over the world.

    Customer Services

    Frick India has the unmatched advantage of providing a single-source responsibility for turnkey refrigeration and air- conditioning systems covering design, manufacture, installation and service to standard specifications as well as custom- built to meet customers' special requirements.

    A contingent of service engineers is always standing by to attend to post-installation problems if any, genuine spare parts are readily available at short notice at all branch offices.

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