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Company Profile

CropLife Asia provides regional leadership and representation for the plant science industry. It promotes and supports the safe and responsible use of crop production technologies, and their role in the development of a sustainable agriculture system in the Asia-Pacific region. The benefits of crop production technologies can only be fully realised within a policy framework of environmental conservation and a regulatory system that protects the intellectual property rights of technology innovators. CropLife Asia seeks to raise awareness and promote the establishment of these conditions.

CropLife Asia is one of six regional nodes of CropLife International, a network of 75 national and regional associations and their member companies. The federation represents an industry that is dedicated raising agricultural yields through sustainable methods and technologies. Every year the industry re-invests 10 % of its turnover in agricultural research and development.

CropLife Asia's core membership is comprised from the six major international agricultural R&D based companies, and fourteen national association affiliates that represent over 400 local companies.


CropLife India is recognised by all the stakeholders in indian agriculture as an association of technology - driven crop science companies, commited to responsible crop care and crop production for the sustainable development of indian agriculture.

    Role in Indian Agriculture

  • Education and training of farmers, extension officials, retailers, transporters & medical doctors.

  • Implementation of integrated pest management ( IPM )

  • Development of Biotechnology.

  • Promotion of safe and judicious Use.

  • Protection if the enviroinment.

  • Fight against spuriuos pesticides.

  • Promotion of intellectual property rights

Promotes Integrated Pest Managament ( IPM )

  • More than 1500 qualified field personnel of member companies promote IPM concept all over india.

  • Participation in world bank supported project of IPM led by ICAR/NCIPM.

  • Special projects in technology mission programme of directorate of cotton development.

  • Project in andhra pradesh in collabration with AP Department of agriculture.

The Important Source of New Technology

  • New molecules introduced in india by member companies to facilitiate better, safer and cost effective plant protection.

  • Member companies use the indian manufacturing base to source their global reuqirements thus earning valuable foreign exchange.

Initiatives on Biotechnology

CropLife member companies have a long term commitment to development of innovative slutions for sustainabvle agriculture to offer indian farmers

  • Increased chice and flexibility of crops.

  • Increased productivity.

  • Increased Profitability.

Touches the Human Life

Many CropLife members are highly active in the nations crusade against the vector borne dieseases like malaria, Dengue, Plague etc..

They work closely in association with government & local agencies by providing the right products, imparting training to spary personnel and by bringing awareness amoung the gneral public for the good health of population.

Leading Indian and international companies came together on May 20, 2003 for the launch of CropLife India. Union Agriculture Minister Ajit Singh launched the association at a grand function in New Delhi. CropLife India, will work to promote education and new agro-tech practices amongst the small and medium farmers, with a view to providing them with a sustainable agrarian model. CropLife India has been formed by leading research & development oriented plant science companies, which together account for over 70 % of the billion dollar crop protection industry in the country.

The minister lauded efforts of the crop protection and agri-biotech industry in forming the organization and urged CropLife India to adopt a comprehensive approach for sustainability of crops including the impact on human life and environment. He also assured the industry of all support in their effort towards fighting the menace of spurious pesticides. The Minister informed that the Government was currently considering a new pesticide act, under which it would be compulsory for all dealers to have qualified dispenser who would advice the farmers on the right choice and method of usage.

Speaking at the inauguration, P. K. Mazumdar, Executive Director, Syngenta, and founding-Chairman CropLife India said, "Agriculture and food production - and the development of consumers' attitudes - are complex and inter-related. The formation of CropLife India signals an important step to establish an identity and more importantly, to reflect the changing nature of the sector from chemical crop protection to the plant science industry."

Explaining the focus of the new association and the chosen name, S Kumarasamy, Vice Chairman of CropLife India and CEO, BASF India Limited said "The name incorporates the word CropLife reflecting the purpose of the Association, which would represent the plant science industry including the crop protection chemical industry and pesticide industry. The companies behind the association are committed believers in the promise of innovative technologies, listening carefully to stakeholders' concerns as part of safe and sustainable crop production."

Members of CropLife India are at the forefront in introducing new molecules for crop protection, public health and for veterinary purposes. Additionally, members are pioneering research in plant genetics and biotechnology for improving crop productivity. The members of the association are - BASF India Limited, Bayer CropScience India Limited, Cheminova India Limited, DE-NOCIL Crop Protection Limited, E.I. DuPont India Pvt Ltd, Excel Industries Limited, Indofil Chemicals Company, Isagro (Asia) Agrochemicals Limited, Monsanto India Limited, Rallis India Limited, Shaw Wallace Agrochemicals Limited and Syngenta India Limited.

It is estimated that more that between 15-30 % of total agricultural production is lost to pests, enhancing the urgent need for concerted efforts for effective crop protection. CropLife India will, therefore, undertake training, education and awareness programs aimed at promoting safe and judicious practices in crop protection. In addition, CropLife India will also spearhead a pilot project currently underway in the State of Andhra Pradesh, which is aimed at bringing about a behavioural change and help inculcate the habit of safety while using crop protection products.

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